Low and High Risk Obstetrical Care

Receiving quality, obstetrical care is very important. Our physicians at Premier Women’s Obgyn specialize in both low-risk and high-risk pregnancies. While many women are blessed with healthy, uncomplicated pregnancies, some women experience high-risk pregnancies.
High-risk pregnancies can have many causes, including previously existing medical conditions, advanced maternal age, lifestyle choices, pregnancy complications or by carrying multiples. When the time comes to choose a physician to help you through your pregnancy and the delivery of your baby, you can trust our to provide the care you need with trust and compassion.
We are committed and dedicated to becoming your partner in making your pregnancy and birthing experience joyful and rewarding as you bring a new life into the world. As our patient, we promise to treat you as a unique individual with utmost respect and with the latest in obstetric care during this wonderful time.
Why So Many Women Choose Premier Women's Obgyn

Why So Many Women Choose Premier Women's Obgyn

Our patients come to us from all walks of life. They do so because of our broad experience in delivering countless infants and our commitment to delivering the highest quality obstetric care. We consider this an important time when a trusted and caring relationship is vitally important. We approach your pregnancy with enthusiasm and excitement and we understand the range of emotions that accompany pregnancy. Our goal is to build and instill confidence and trust as your partner and we will maintain the trust placed in us. Our personal approach to obstetrics helps us address each patient as an individual with special needs and concerns. We are specialists in blending highly sophisticated care with a personal touch. Our obstetric team represents many years of obstetric experience and can address any need.

Comprehensive Obstetrics And Prenatal Care Services

A new member of your family is always an exciting event. A healthy outcome begins with your care before, during and after your pregnancy. The services we provide address the complete spectrum of obstetric needs and include:

  • Preconception planning;
  • Routine low-risk obstetrical management;
  • High-risk obstetrics and prenatal care;
  • Multiple gestations (twins or higher);
  • IVF pregnancies;
  • Advanced maternal age;
  • Natural births and cesarean deliveries;
  • Full range of labor anesthetics including epidurals;
  • In-office ultrasound;
  • Comprehensive in-office laboratory services.

When it comes to your pregnancy, childbirth and family, one size does not fit all.  We at Premier Women’s Obgyn provide personalized recommendations because we respect that women are individuals, and that they have specific needs in accordance with their philosophy, history, family and community.

We look forward to becoming your Obstetrical care provider of choice and would be thrilled and honored to be your partner in providing your obstetric care in Riverdale GA.

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